OptoShaft TT

Universal measuring station

The tabletop measuring station OptoShaft TT is a compact, universal measuring device used in R&D, quality engineering or for quality assurance as an SPC device. Alongside an obligatory scattered light sensor, it is fitted with a high-precision rotary table and a motorized z-axis. Both axes are positioned by a CNC control to enable even full scans of gear shafts or to measure inside the flanks of EPS-worms or spindles. The sensor can be rotated vertically and fitted with an optical adapter to measure inside boreholes. Parts with complex geometries like worms, spindles or drilling tools can also be measured with the device.

Favorable prices and universal in use

Roughness measurements on tooth flanks with a mirror optics adapter

Roughness and waviness measurements on a CVT-drivetrain component

Measurement of a gear-shaft running surface.