Inline sensor system OS500

Measurements – directly in the production line

Occurring ambient vibrations, temperature differences and reduced cycle times – those factors increase difficulties for using conventional measurement devices like tactile roughness testers, confocal microscopes or KMGs for inline quality assurance and process control. In opposition scattered light sensors are insensitive to influence from the harsh production environment.

Process orientated – fast – insensitive to vibration

One sensor – versatile possibilities

It is possible to combine the sensor system with a PLC. Using additional axes even enables whole surface scans, for example on roll-surfaces. By setting limit values for roughness, form or waviness, it is possible to process a signal in the OptoSurf software in combination with an I/O- or Profibus-card.

An expansion of the system is possible at any time. From permanently fixed solutions up (e. g. often used for centerless grinders) to interlinked robotic cells, OptoSurf scattered light is globally used. To implement automation projects OptoSurf works with experienced technology service providers. The goal is set to always aim for the best possible solution.

Quality assurance is one of many possibilities to use scattered light sensors. Another possibility is to use the system for process control. Dressing cycles of grinding wheels or roller burnishing tools are detectable with a trend detection in OptoSurf software. Even tool adjustment based on measured data is feasible. The method enables optimal tool utilization while profiting from cost-saving effects in the production.

  • Up to 100 % tested production parts, measurable directly in the harsh production environment
  • No necessarity to manufacture cost-intensive special measurement machines
  • Saving on production cost possible
  • Triggersignal usable for o.k. / n.o.k. analysis

Two OS 500 sensors measure simultaneously roughness, waviness and form in an ultra precision grinding machine.

Waviness measurement on a camshaft. The sensor is integrated into an existing machine for testing grinding burns.

An OS 500 scattered light sensor is mounted at the exit of a centerless grinding machine. Roughness and roundness are recorded continuously.